Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US
Our mission is to provide personal comfort to our customers, and create prosperous communities where we live and work. Mitsubishi Electric promotes environmental sustainability through the electrification of residential and commercial heating and cooling products. We continue to advance technologies that reduce waste, and promote sustainable resources, while increasing energy efficiency, and eliminating dependence on fossil fuels. We have an ongoing commitment to improving energy efficiency in all of our operations. Our vision is clear: to align personal comfort with the greater societal good.

Reducing energy usage, not comfort
Strategic electrification in the heating and cooling industry is powering end uses with electricity instead of fossil fuels. Mitsubishi Electric systems use inverter-compressor technology. Where conventional systems are either on or off — all or nothing — our compressors speed up or down, based on the needs of each room, to maintain comfort and conserve energy, providing room by room control. This saves energy and maximizes savings by creating your customized comfort controls, not only for residential but for commercial use also.

A Changing Industry
As a leader in advanced commercial HVAC technologies, including ductless and ducted mini-split and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat pump and air-conditioning systems, we have a solution for any home, any building, anywhere. We continually innovate our building HVAC systems, creating efficiency, comfort, and wellness for all spaces by providing industry-leading products, design and technical training, and unmatched end-to-end support. Explore the various commercial HVAC systems Mitsubishi Electric has to offer.