Midea: A Legacy of Innovation and Energy Efficiency
For over half a century, Midea has stood at the forefront of the home appliance industry, pioneering technologies that have transformed living spaces worldwide. As the world’s largest producer of major appliances, and a leader in the HVAC industry, Midea is committed to innovation, comfort, and energy efficiency. At the core of Midea’s success are its total heating solutions, a comprehensive array of heat pump options designed to meet the diverse needs of households across the globe, ensuring optimal comfort in virtually any climate condition.

As the #1 air treatment brand in the world, Midea boasts an impressive annual air conditioner production capacity of over 67 million units. Owning most of its production chain, including the critical inverter technology heat pump compressors, Midea is dedicated to making this advanced technology accessible and affordable. Midea’s high-mass manufacturing capabilities and short lead times help position the company as a staple of reliability in the HVAC industry.

Midea’s total heating solutions are not only a hallmark of efficiency, but also widely recognized for their ENERGY STAR® qualifications, and eligibility under numerous federal and state rebate programs, making them an attractive choice for environmentally conscious consumers. The product portfolio includes the innovative EVOX Heat Pump System, the versatile Packaged Window Heat Pump (PWHP), and the U-shaped Inverter Window Air Conditioner, all designed to integrate seamlessly into various residential and light commercial building types. Midea heat pumps are compatible with a variety of indoor units, such as single-zone mini-splits, multi-zone mini-splits, air handling units and coils, providing unparalleled flexibility for contractors and consumers.

EVOX G3, Packaged Window and Cold Climate Heat Pumps: The Future of Heating Technology
At the cutting edge of Midea’s product lineup are the EVOX G3 Heat Pump Series, the Packaged Window Heat Pump (PWHP), and the Cold Climate Heat Pump (CCHP), all designed to offer extreme efficiency and comfort. The EVOX G3 Series reflects Midea’s commitment to energy efficiency, delivering optimal heating even in extreme cold conditions, making it a perfect choice for consumers looking to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing comfort. The Packaged Window Heat Pump – winner of the 2024 AHR Innovation Award, and component of New York State’s Clean Heat for All Challenge – boasts a unique window-mounted cold climate air source heat pump built for DIY installation.

The CCHP, specifically engineered to perform in harsh winter climates, ensures reliable warmth with 118% heating output at temperatures as low as -15°F. Developed in accordance with the Department of Energy (DOE) Cold Climate Heat Pump Challenge, the CCHP embodies Midea’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency. The product aligns with Midea’s goal of offering solutions that not only perform under extreme weather conditions, but also propagate energy conservation and reduce carbon emissions.

Additionally, the Midea U-shaped Inverter Window Air Conditioner revolutionizes home comfort with its unique design, allowing window functionality post-installation. Its U-shape drastically cuts noise, making it ultra-quiet at 42dB, while the quick-snap bracket ensures easy setup. This air conditioner offers long-distance airflow, and integrates with smart home systems for voice and smartphone control, enhancing user convenience. Featuring patented inverter technology, it earned the ENERGY STAR’s Most Efficient 2020 certification. This innovative, energy-saving solution sets a new standard for window air conditioners, blending performance with ease of use.

Midea is also an active participant in the DOE Cold Climate Heat Pump Challenge, and New York State’s Clean Heat for All Challenge, initiatives aimed at promoting the adoption of advanced heating technologies that are both energy-efficient and accessible. These programs highlight Midea’s role as a leader in driving the HVAC industry towards a greener future, underscoring the company’s efforts in developing solutions that not only meet but exceed current energy standards.

Midea’s comprehensive heating solutions product line is engineered to cater to a wide range of needs, ensuring both homeowners and contractors find the perfect fit for any scenario. For contractors, Midea’s products represent a blend of industry-leading technology and installation simplicity. The company’s solutions are designed for quick and easy setup, ensuring a seamless installation process that saves time and reduces labor costs. Meanwhile, homeowners benefit from the long-term savings enabled by Midea’s energy-efficient technologies, and the enhanced comfort of their living spaces.

The Ai-Midea Showroom
In February 2024, Midea ushered in a new era in HVAC solutions with the opening of its inaugural national showroom and distribution center in Queens, New York. This showroom, in partnership with Ai-Midea Air Conditioning, a dedicated HVAC company known for its excellence in residential and light commercial HVAC services, marks a significant milestone in bringing advanced heat pump technology closer to both contractors and consumers. The space allows visitors to explore a wide range of Midea’s heating and cooling solutions, including ducted and ductless whole home heating and cooling systems, heat pump water heaters, and window heating and cooling units specifically designed to support multi-family buildings’ transition towards electrification.

The facility is home to heat pump solutions designed with the future in mind, to help users meet the stringent demands of increasing energy efficiency and sustainability requirements. It also serves as a vital resource for HVAC contractors, offering extensive training programs aimed at enhancing installation and maintenance skills, and providing personalized services and consultations, ensuring that customers in the New York metropolitan area find the most suitable solutions for their specific needs.

As one of the few major manufacturers with a domestic Research and Development Center devoted to advancing heat pump technology in the United States, Midea is focused on meeting the needs of homeowners across North America, no matter their climate. The Midea America Research Center (MARC) in Louisville, Kentucky ensures that Midea products featured in the Queens showroom are tailored to meet the specific climates and energy consumption requirements of the U.S. market, and have features and benefits that make it easier for contractors to sell, install, and maintain these more efficient and environmentally friendly next-generation heat pump systems. The facility in Queens is just the beginning, with plans to introduce more showrooms across the New York metropolitan area, and expand with additional distributors and showrooms across the country.

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